When communication breaks down and the internal monologue becomes hijacked by stubborn irresolute thoughtforms made of memories and associations, words, and images that play out in the mind and resonate through the body, these unconscious spells are woven and crafted and virtually cast themselves through inaccurate reflection on who and what they are.

Oftentimes we’re looking at something but somehow unable or unwilling to see it, too distracted in some way to see ourselves in relation to it or as it, especially as life experience becomes more virtual and flooded with short-term memory chaos and clickbait narratives overprocessed and compartmentalized for instant gratification and collectivist consumption.

The storylines are only as congruent as they need to be because, in the long run, they’re not supposed to make sense. The chaos, confusion, destabilization, demoralization, and division reflect and amplify what many an imbalanced human being does on automatic pilot.

This campaign for self-erasure makes a lot of noise, and if it’s turned off, the being is compelled to reflect on what has been going through their mind, and along with the perceived gravity of silence comes the compulsion to feed the void to relieve the tension, so to unplug almost implies a virtual death that can be used as part of an alchemical process to evolve through this internal confrontation.

As people often tend to become set in their ways and the virtual cement of cultural conditioning dries around and within, something else that isn’t you may want to take over and claim what you have taken for granted, and it may continue to grow on you unless you’re willing to confront yourself within and as it and overwrite the spell, imagining and creating in spite of it, and even inspired by it.