Blind Idiot Sadomasochism

Marking territory one way or another through blind belligerence, the imposition of duress against self and everyone and no one at large, seeing only red, or sometimes even rainbows, always plotting to take them fuckers down in a spectacular display of balls-out – or tits out – rage.

For this being, it’s all those who are outside the locus of their control that bother them the most. Dying to scratch the itch of inferiority within their conditioned modal of social status.

This prison-yard morality, from the child in the kindergarten class who wants to break all the toys to the compulsive road-rager to the coked-up corporate government asshole, given that you cannot always get what you want in this world, what is it that leads to destruction for its own sake in the same world where one can create for the sake of creation? Is it the perceived shortcut of instant gratification in how to destroy is easier than to create?  Who is at war with whom?

Maybe there is a certain feedback loop where one doesn’t necessarily get what they want, but the cathartic headrush of the tantrum is like any other chemical addiction, or an attachment to an identity – or entity – based on a head full of blind indignation with no resolution other than to make everyone suffer for it.

It could be the way of interacting with the world that they have been taught, or had beaten, shamed and guilted into them, in order to carry oneself in a perpetual state that endows them with the psychological leverage to get their way on some level, at least in their mind.

Like a parasite that feeds at the trough of one’s unhealthy habits, is there something that one is subservient to here? If the short fuse persona was manipulated or taken advantage of in some way, how would you respond? Would you even know, much less care? The often socially and genetically engineered seeds of abuse and idiotic prejudices have blown through the winds of space and time to eventually become expressed in so many ridiculous ways through so many blind people.

What makes for a legitimate expression of belligerence? To understand yourself and the opponent, not to be confused with a decoy. It’s not as if there’s any scarcity of liars, thieves, pedophilia, megalomania and corruption in the world. Imagine focusing anger like a laser on a well-deserved and worthy target. Truth itself, as a force of nature, is something that some manipulative monkeys seek to control and suppress, just as they seek to do with nature itself in their attempt to play god. Instead of the usual scattered blind idiot bitchfits that resolve nothing, imagine if one were able to accurately identify the source of their anguish within themselves and find a way to sublimate it into something far more concentrated to leave a mark on what seeks to bind you while making space for the creation of something infinitely worthwhile.