Useful Idiot

Professional Ass-Kisser

The Useful Idiot is a common player in the virtual professional wrestling realm of mainstream social and political influence whose job is to distract and jack you off until you are dead, as if you had nothing better to do.

The professional Ass-Kisser is here to help sow the seeds of demoralization and to foster the divide and conquer charades for the lowest common denominator. The useful idiot can be different things to different kinds of artificially intelligent people, depending on their favorite brand of bullshit, but the path of self-deceit leads to a state of self-negation one way or another.

The path of decisions an individual makes that leads to this condition is just as lost in the memory hole of abdicated responsibility as the shadow of the shit of who they could have been, eclipsed by the self-murdered shill that we all know and love to hate.

This throwaway persona of the blind order follower is just doing their job, and his or her (or its) qualifications include an abysmal lack of discernment and self-awareness as well some skill in method acting to actually believe in the script that they are following.

The state of Useful Idiocy describes and serves the self-important institutional and ideological golems of the world who know what side their bread is buttered and will justify their situation to themselves someway, somehow, along with anyone naïve and gullible enough to listen, nurturing a codependent reciprocity through which their contagion spreads.

 As a cheap imitation of life, something so fake and disingenuous is not meant to last. Its final destination is that of a decrepit humanoid husk melting into the void, blowing the few last bubbles out of its empty skull for the morbidly curious and passively clueless before it is all but completely dead to the world, preserved in time for comedy and science, which can often be the same thing.

 Whether this being is able and willing to abandon this role to atone and bite the ass they’ve been kissing for so long is always in the realm of possibility and would imply an honorable, symbolic death or self-transformation, but most are so used to playing dumb that they will ride out the lies of their existence until the wheels fall off, acting as if no one can see right the fuck through them.