Hollow Mystique

In the eventual futility of trying to maintain an image of who or how you wish to be perceived, one can only take it so far. This preoccupation with the façade of hollow mystique leads to dissociation in that the emphasis on pretense, materialism and identity takes away from every other aspect of who you potentially are in this human form, in this world, how you walk through the illusions of the times.

The relationship to the being’s body is distorted and obfuscated by the image in the mirror. The devotion to method acting has been pushed like an addiction to the point where we are now hung up on sustaining the unsustainable, and letting go implies certain death. Maybe this was how she sought to get what she wants in the world, and so this path has led her to here and now where she has the opportunity to reconcile herself with a lifetime of so many wasted moments, to see through this relationship with the reflection into someone aligned with a reason for being beyond hollow manipulation, as hollow as the visceral cavity of her future corpse.

If there is anything beyond the face that she puts on, it is her decision to cultivate that in this incarnation before entropy gets the better of her and the superficial charms of yesteryear have completely gone to shit and that will have been all that her grave would commemorate.